Workforce And Customers, Unite!

Service Quality Excellence

We’re challenging the businesses we work with to re-examine their understanding of service quality excellence.

To move away from a departmental approach, and instead take a holistic view of the client service experience to ensure optimised engagement.

At Clarity we use our own propriety Customer Excellence Model MADE IT, and design bespoke execution programmes incorporating appropriate levels of facilitation, executive coaching & mentoring and online support.

Our goal is to support you in delivering an experience that the client is devoted to, you need and the competition wants.

MADE IT was developed to analyse, review and redesign your client experience and service proposition from the top, down.


The MADE IT model of Service Quality Excellence gives you:

  • An optimised service experience for your clients
  • Alignment and closure of the former service model’s differences and gaps
  • A fully mapped transparent service model for clarity, understating and measurability
  • An opportunity to speak to your client at times that are designed for greater impact
  • A method to measure service quality for continuous improvement
  • Quality and cost effectiveness review of tasks and processes undertaken by client facing staff
  • Service training pack for existing staff and new joiners
  • A clear identity for service quality excellence for both clients and the workforce

MADE IT can be delivered using one of, or a combination of these different methods depending on your needs and wants:

  • Clarity delivers MADE IT for you in collaboration with key teams and individuals
  • Consultative approach to support and assist you through MADE IT

Re-Design Your Service Proposition From The Top, Down.